NHASH is proud to support the U.S. EPA’s SepticSmart Week campaign encouraging homeowners and communities to care for their septic systems. Click HERE for more information.

NHASH Is a professional association that represents committed industry leaders in septic system pumping and maintenance, installation, and repair.  Our members are environmentally responsible, engaging in disposal practices that are federal and state approved.  Our site is dedicated to helping people in the Granite State find the answers they need for their septic systems.

NHASH.COM will provide you with knowledge on how your septic system works and how to maintain it properly.  Should you need professional assistance you will be able to locate many local companies by using the lists of service providers in your county.

NHASH offers the Harold Colby – Ray Barton – NHASH Memorial Scholarship each year.  The period for 2016 scholarship applications is now closed.

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