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Leaders in septic system pumping, maintenance, installation and repair,
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A professional association of industry leaders in septic system pumping, maintenance, installation and repair.

State of NH Award
Outstanding Public Outreach Award
in the field of Wastewater.

Our members follow federal and state disposal guidelines. We are dedicated to helping people in the Granite State find answers and resources for all their septic needs, while keeping our precious ground and surface waters pristine.

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Get Pumped! New Hampshire is a collaboration between the New Hampshire Association of Septage Haulers (NHASH) and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). Get Pumped! New Hampshire educates New Hampshire homeowners with septic systems on how to identify, locate and maintain their systems. New Hampshire residents who Get Pumped in 2023 are eligible for a $10 rebate. Please Contact Us for the forms to request this rebate.

Get to Know Your Septic System

Septic System Information

Your septic system is a small sewage treatment plant. Septic refers to the type of anaerobic bacteria (require the absence of free oxygen) that makes your system work when maintained and treated correctly. These bacteria break down the waste in the tank to the lowest point aiding in settling the solids, which accumulate in the bottom of your tank. Once the solids settle out, the remaining liquid is allowed to leave the tank through the outlet baffle into the leach field. As the tank fills with solids it becomes less efficient, making it necessary to have the tank pumped out.

Quick Tips to Protect Your Septic System

Download Septic System Information

  • DO NOT FLUSH WIPES OF ANY KIND: No baby wipes, no personal wipes, no pop up cleaning wipes.
  • Don't flush cigarette butts, cotton swabs, cat box litter, sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, condoms and other non-biodegradable products into your system.
  • Don't do back-to-back laundry. Distribute washer loads throughout the week.
  • Don't poison the system by dumping solvents, oils, paints, thinners, disinfectants, pesticides, medications and poisons down the drain. These may kill the bacteria that help purify sewage and can contaminate groundwater.
  • Don't dig into you leach field or build anything over the field.
  • Don't empty large quantities of water from hot tubs or whirlpools into the system, particularly if they are chlorinated.
  • Don't attempt to repair a failing system by yourself. Hire an experienced septic system contractor. A repair permit may be needed from your local health department.
  • Leach field lessons: Do not drive on, park on or over leach fields. Keep all machines and vehicles off your leach field. Don't put a swimming pool on/over your leach field. Keep the vegetation cleared for easy access to your system.

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